Halloween is the season of the witch when you let your inner monster take over. Halloween also enjoys a prestigious status in popular culture. Thousands of books and movies revolve around the theme of Halloween. It is a time of celebration and horror.

Halloween, in its original form, is the Celtic festival Samhain. Some Pagan circles still celebrate it in its ancient form to this day.

The concept of dressing up to ward off evil spirits is an old myth. According to legends, evil spirits roam free on Halloween. So as a protection people would wear scary masks and make noises to drive the spirits away.

Immigrants brought the festival with them to the United States. Now, Halloween is widely celebrated as an excuse for debauchery and good times. Costumes such as the Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones became popular. Yet, over the years, there has been original costumes that stood the test of time.

Dracula: The Vampire archetype has always been associated with everything Halloween. The aura of mystery that surrounds the monster is what makes this costume special. The legendary character has always seduced children and adults alike.

The Devil: No one represents Halloween like Old Nick, you never go wrong with a pair of horns and a trident. The red skinned demon is always the safe bet for a winning Halloween costume.

Witches: Halloween is the night of magic and mystery. Who better to express that than the Witches and Warlocks themselves? The Witch costume comes in two flavors: the ugly old hag and the sexy young siren. Take your pick, according to your looks, or create your combination it is all about you in the end. And if that doesn’t work out, you can always be a credit score fixer!

Historical Figures: A great historical figure like Caesar is a very popular Halloween costume. With thousands of characters to choose from, you could be anyone you want. Do you feel like a military leader? A politician? Even an artist. Pick your battles, you can never go wrong with an Alexander the Great costume, or Winston Churchill. Be the icon you were destined to be.

Superheroes: There’s no shortage of superhero persona in today’s culture. No doubt we will see a lot of Deadpools this Halloween, Batmans, Supermans, and Wonder Women. These are all modern and original costumes for Halloween. If you dig deeper into Marvel’s Universe, you will find gems such as Doctor Strange. Superheroes will always be a favorite Halloween costume for man kids and adults. Why not? They represent all that we want to be.

A saying in V for Vendetta by Alan Moore comes to mind: “You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.” I think it is true. Depending on your choice be careful or an optimist. In Halloween, your transformation may occur so choose your mask wisely.

Whatever you want for yourself or your children. Make sure it is safe, and that you can breathe easily. An elaborate well-planned costume will look badass, but as they say “less is more.” The devil is in the details. Be responsible, and Happy Halloween and trick and treating!